Hawai'i Integrated Analytics

HI’A is a team of visionary researchers with a mission to show that healthcare doesn’t always take place in a doctor’s office. Our research team combines expertise from a variety of fields to design assessments that empirically measure the social, economic, and health impact of community based programs—especially those with an emphasis on ‘aina-based and indigenous forms of care.

Our assessments are custom designed to the needs of our clients, and cover a wide range of outcomes—from individual clinical biomarkers to larger community social impacts. We often partner with experts that complement our expertise for those looking for broader assessments that include environmental or food system impacts.

We believe that impact is amplified when participants are invited to share and learn from study results, so we additionally offer the development of personalized, interactive dashboards for clients who wish to share the results of their analysis back with community members.

To learn more about our services, see our services page, or contact us at info@hia.llc

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