Sustainable Living Institute of UH Maui College

A more sustainable Aquaponics Systems for Food Security and Community Resiliency in Hawaii

Local farmers face substantially higher costs of resources in Hawaii relative to mainland locations. Compounded with the national trend of an aging agricultural workforce and a lack of insufficient numbers of trained and diverse professionals entering the agricultural profession, unique local opportunities exist to improve the sustainability of agriculture. The University of Hawaii Maui College, through the Sustainable Living Institute, is up to the challenge by optimizing local resources, building a pipeline of new agriculturalists, and building community capacity.

UHMC has developed a new workforce training in aquaponics as an effective food production method of raising fish and produce together in a single energy-efficient, recirculating system. Conducted at the WaiPono Farm at the University of Hawaii Maui College, the project aligns with the Agricultural Workforce Training program goals by developing new curriculum that integrates job-based, experiential learning opportunities, and new technologies to enable a work-ready labor force for 21st century agricultural jobs.

Hawaii Integrated Analytics LLC is leading the evaluation of the project by reviewing the new curriculum developed, engaging participants of the program into different surveys, conducting interviews with faculty and staff in charge of developing and teaching the new curriculum and reviewing a broad aspect of the program.

To learn more about the Sustainable Living Institute and their program please visit the following link…

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