Men of PA'A

Health impacts persist across time and extend to the broader community

Men of PA’A (Positive Action Alliance) is a growing community organization based in Puna, Hawai’i Island, empowering Kanaka maoli, specifically native Hawaiian men, on their journey of recovery, restoration, and reconciliation. Led by Executive Director Iopa Maunakea, they integrate restorative justice and cultural principles to address intergenerational trauma and improve employment outcomes for individuals with a criminal justice history.

In collaboration with Hawaii Integrated Analytics, Men of PA’A joined the HISEED (Hawaii Early Diabetes Cohort) study, providing health assessments and support for diabetes and chronic health conditions within the community. HIA’s data-driven contributions lay the foundation for future studies and community collaborations with Men of PA’A and others.

Through core principles such as Kuleana (Responsibility), Kūpono (Accountability), A’o Ikaika (Discipline), Kupa’a (Commitment), and Lokahi (Unity), Men of PA’A fosters positive change within individuals and the community. They also engage in sustainable cultural tourism, supporting Hawaiian traditions. 

Through their dedication to recovery, restoration, and reconciliation, Men of PA’A, in partnership with HIA, make a lasting impact and promote cultural education for future generations.

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